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When Kings & Priests Work Together in Obedience

When Kings & Priests Work Together in Obedience By ANTHONY N., FULL GOSPEL BUSINESS MEN'S FELLOWSHIP ASIA

Our partner Anthony shares about how different ministries can work together according to their different strengths to get God’s Word to every person!

The result of obedient kings and priests of Israel past was the prosperity of the kingdom. And the same goes when leaders in the business world join hands with ministries to further His kingdom’s work.

In our country, economic ‘kings’ who are members of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship (FGBMF) have undertaken the task of equipping and empowering the local communities in obedience to His calling. And when they saw the mission of Faith Comes By Hearing to get God’s Word to every person, this became a match made in heaven! This is especially relevant in our country as the local church endeavors to build up the faith of their congregations in the face of eroding indigenous languages and threats to their Christian faith. What better way to preserve a culture than by recording the Bible in their heart language!

Since 2013, more than 2,000 listening groups have been set up in our country through the partnership between Faith Comes By Hearing and FGBMF. Faith Comes By Hearing President Jerry Jackson and COO Clay Jackson made a whirlwind tour of our country recently to see the works firsthand, to encourage the ‘priests’ in the field and to speak to the ‘kings.’ The testimonies and results are enabling this partnership to set the pace for the region through its successful model of funding and distributing of Audio Bibles. All glory to our Lord!

Your steadfast partnership is greatly appreciated! Find out more about how we can partner together to record and provide God’s Word in every language that needs it by 2033.

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