Bible Recordings from the Field

Field Recordings

We train and equip teams to record Scripture in communities around the world.

Virtual Bible Recording

Virtual Recordings

This Internet recording technology allows local speakers to record Scripture right from their computer – any time, any place.

Bible Recording Partnerships

Partner Recordings

Partner ministries share their audio and video Bible recordings for us to make available.

Over the decades, and with God's help, we've gotten smarter about the recording process. The strategies we use today help us complete top-notch Audio Bibles at a faster rate.

Pure Word of God Only

Pure Word Only

God says when His Word is sent out it does not return empty – we believe that to be true. We are committed to record using the pure Word of God – nothing more and nothing less.

Native Bible Speakers

Local Speakers

We use mother tongue speakers for our recordings. This produces authentic and accurate recordings and allows language communities to play a part in their own recording.

Multi-Voice Bible Recordings

One Voice or Many

The recording process is flexible based on the number of speakers available. Multi-voice recordings use 10 to 25 speakers, while single-voice recordings are beneficial when only one speaker is available.

Old Testaments, New Testaments, and Scripture Portions

Old & New Testaments & Portions

Sometimes we have access to an entire Bible translation; sometimes just a portion of Scripture or one book. Our mission drives us to record every translation we can – whether that’s one book, 10 books, or all 66.

High-Quality Audio Bibles

Highest Quality Audio Bibles

As the world leader in Bible recordings, we use the latest technology and knowledgeable staff for the best product. Because we believe that a Book this important deserves the best care.

Background Music and Sound Effects

Flexible Options

Some cultures prefer music and sound effects to enhance their listening experience. Others may not. We work with each language community to determine the best approach for them.

Recording the Bible Through Partnerships

Recording through Partnerships

Our recordings are only possible through partnership. Translation partners labor for years to produce a Bible text to record, and financial partners sacrificially give the resources to do it.

Free Audio Bibles for Everyone

Free Audio Bibles

We believe the Good News should be freely available. Physical tools, like the Proclaimer, bring hope to rural villages. Digital access brings Truth to anyone with a cell phone, satellite dish, or radio – all at no cost to them.

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