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Commitments at home, work, and church keeping you frazzled? Ever struggle to squeeze Bible reading into your oh-so-busy schedule? Well, don’t let the hustle of modern life rob you of precious time with God – reclaim some of those lost hours by listening to the Word while driving, doing chores, exercising, or unwinding.

At home or on the go, Audio Bible podcasts are a simple and reliable way of getting into God’s Word daily. The support and encouragement of Scripture is available on demand by accessing any of our free iTunes podcasts via your mobile device or personal computer. Browse the entire collection of Faith Comes By Hearing Audio Bibles for instant access to all of our available recordings – free of charge – in hundreds of languages from across the globe.

Listen online, download chapters, or subscribe to a podcast feed and boost your Bible interaction. Know someone who speaks a different language or ministers to those who do? Search by language or country to see if our Audio Bible podcast library has what they need (new languages/recordings added regularly).

Enjoy these awesome podcasts and check out even more Bible resources. To join the effort to get God’s Word to every person, donate here. Thanks for helping us get the Word to the world!

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