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Faith Comes By Hearing Gospel Films

Faith Comes By Hearing Gospel Films

Have you ever searched for a high-quality Bible film that you could use in Sunday School, church, or small group study? Have you ever imagined what it would be like to travel the Judean countryside during the time of Christ—to see Jesus’ ministry as it happened?

Your answer: Gospel Films.

In partnership with the LUMO Project, Faith Comes By Hearing provides a multi-language biblical film resource that helps you engage with the life of Jesus through the four Gospel accounts. These full-length feature films about the life of Jesus use the actual Gospel texts as their scripts—word-for-word. Created by LUMO using extensive theological, historical, and archaeological research, each film has been adapted with Faith Comes By Hearing’s audio Scripture in the languages of the world.

With specially constructed sets and the extraordinarily authentic villages and countryside of rural Morocco, Gospel Films immerse the viewer in the world of first-century Palestine and break the conventional notion of a westernized Jesus, presenting His life and ministry as it really was over 2,000 years ago.

A Partnership of God’s Design

In April of 2017, Faith Comes By Hearing was introduced to Tessie DeVore, president of LUMO—a ministry that has produced beautiful, historically accurate films of the Gospels. It wasn’t long before the massive benefit of a partnership became clear: Faith Comes By Hearing and LUMO were parallel ministries working on two sides of the same tapestry! God, the Master Weaver, had put us together in His perfect timing.

In August of that same year, LUMO graciously gave Faith Comes By Hearing the right to use their films, so that they could carefully overlay them with their existing Audio Bible recordings. After a few languages had been finished, a “test run” was conducted in Cuba, and they sent Hannah a report of the impact Gospel Films were having there. Her response: “This is God’s moment!”

While this has not been a simple process—each Gospel Film must be manually adapted by a team of editors to flow correctly with the respective language recording—it is well worth the effort.

By combining LUMO’s compelling cinematic portrayal of the life of Jesus with Faith Comes By Hearing’s audio Scriptures in the languages of the world, Gospel Films are revolutionizing the way we experience the Bible. Faith Comes By Hearing hopes to implement Gospel Films in communities worldwide, starting watching groups around the Gospel Film in that community’s language. Since using video together with audio is a natural progression, Gospel Films will be able to provide a way to engage the Bible like never before. As part of our Vision 2033 goals, Faith Comes By Hearing has committed to creating at least one Gospel Film in every recorded language so that people everywhere will have the opportunity to hear and see the Gospel.

A Word from Hannah Leader

Hannah Leader, LUMO film producer, is a Sunday School teacher as well as a feature-film professional. She has this to say about Gospel Films: “I believe that Faith Comes By Hearing and LUMO share a common vision for enabling access to all the wonders of the Word of God as expressed in the Gospels. Biblical illiteracy is a problem worldwide—not just because of functional illiteracy, but also because people have gotten out of the habit of reading and studying the Bible. Using technology with audio and visual media allows us 21st-century access to the Word.”

Obtaining Gospel Films

Gospel Films are provided to our partners at no cost for their ministry purposes. LUMO and Faith Comes By Hearing are striving to offer the widest possible access through physical and digital formats, and we are eager to collaborate with partners to determine which methods of distribution will result in effective and fruitful Scripture engagement.

The website streams all available Gospel Films for online viewing. If you would like to request for an available Gospel Film for watching groups, simply follow this link and fill out the short request form:

If you would like to request Gospel Films for a language not in the above list (where Faith Comes By Hearing has recorded an Audio Bible), please email

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