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3 Tips for Meditating on God’s Word

3 Tips for Meditating on God’s Word

In dark, uncertain, and chaotic times like these, we thank God that He has given us His Word that lights up our lives and leads us on the right path (Psalm 119:105). So, despite the encroaching stress and doubt taking up our headspace more than ever before, we need to make room for hearing God’s Word. Its guiding light keeps our paths well-lit as we follow Christ each day. Here are 3 helpful ideas for meditating on God’s Word:

- Bookend your day with God’s Word.

The day begins. Moments of quiet are quickly replaced with rushed routine as we speed out the door to school or our jobs. By the time we lay down at night, we feel drained by the day’s cares. In those short intervals, listening to God’s life-giving Word penetrates our hearts and souls and fills us with peace. Picking a reassuring passage to listen to on repeat helps us memorize it—giving us a warm, bright flame to focus on in the midst of shadowy circumstances.

- Utilize “in-between” time.

There are several moments that we often overlook: the drive to and from work, the fifteen minutes before a meeting, or waiting for your meal during a lunch break. Download the revamped app and use that time to listen to God’s Word—even short sessions in the Bible can saturate our thoughts with truth and put us on the right path.

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- Take notes in your Bible app.

God has given us hope, peace, and truth in His Word. As we listen to God speak our language in the app, it’s helpful to take a quick moment to highlight and note down what we’ve discovered. Later in the day, when the noise of life has quieted down, we’re able to review those precious treasures and realign our steps.

As doubt and chaos storm around us, Jesus is our rock. His Word is our only constant light on the dark path behind and ahead. We hope these easy tips help you find ways to make listening to the Bible a part of your everyday life and hear what God has to say. Download the free app today! Download for Android. Download for iOS.

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